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From Yury Mikhienko <>
Subject Re: LDAP authentification with username and password
Date Thu, 20 Nov 2003 14:33:29 GMT
Can you use another way?
For example (one step):

Try get the some attribute (uid, for example) from LDAP (with LDAPTransformer):


> Hi,
> I make use of the LDAP transformer for authentification in my web
> application.
> When I understood the documentation right then Authentification requires 2
> steps:
> 1. get all necessary user data (username & password) from all users in LDAP
> 2. Compare the username/password provided with the login with all data sets
> retrieved from LDAP, if there is a match, the authenfification was
> successful.
> Is that right?
> Here's my problem then.
> I can retrieve both, username and password, but how can I compare the
> passwords. The password retrieved from LDAP is encrypted. So in order to
> compare
> them, I need to encrypt the password on Cocoon side with the same algoithm,
> right.
> Where do I get the encryption algorithm from?
> I guess that almost everybody who does authentication with LDAP must have
> had the problem, so how did you solve it?
> Please if there are any solution out there, post them, I guess, it could be
> very helpful for a lot of members (maybe it's worth a wiki contribution?).
> Thanks Stephanie

Best regards,
Yury Mikhienko.
IT ERP group head, ZAO "Mobikom-Kavkaz"

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