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From Juan Ignacio Jiménez de Luis <>
Subject Aggregated Parts
Date Fri, 14 Nov 2003 10:33:39 GMT

	Hello all,

	A little question for thos who are more experienced in cocoon...

	Is the request, the session, action results and all that jazz 
accessible from a pipeline invoked in a part iinside an aggregator? I 
need to pass a lot of parameters to several diferent generators and 
merge the result in my pipeline.. Any other way to do that?

	For Example,

	<map:match pattern="blog/*">
		<map:generate src="blogs/{request.customer}/{1}.xml"/>
		<map:transform src="blog2html.xsl"/>
		<map:serialize type="xml"/>
	<map:match pattern="">
		<map:aggregate prefix="site">
			<map:part src="cocoon://blog/cuisine"/>
			<map:part src="cocoon://blog/sailing"/>
		<map:transform src="main.xsl"/>

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