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From "iyy" <>
Subject tomcat 4.0.3; cocoon 2.1.3 dev; sendmail logicsheet;attachment
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2003 08:42:50 GMT

we are trying to send email using sendmail logicsheet, email fails if an attachment is specified
with cocoon:// protocol.
 <sendmail:attachment url="cocoon:/done.xml"            mime-type="text/html"  name="test"/>

error message is :
An error occurred: Sending failed; nested exception is: javax.mail.MessagingException: IOException
while sending message; nested exception is: SAXException: java.lang.NullPointerException

above resource being attached produces xml on browser.

but attachments that are using context:// do not produce any error.

same situation with Sendmail action.

we have checked all sendmail questions on this messageboard and found no answer.

any help is welcome.

thanks in advance.

error log has the following hint:
ERROR   (2003-11-18) 14:00.17:484   [sitemap] (/cocoon/samples/mail/sendmail/ls) HttpProcessor[8080][4]/AbstractProcessingPipeline:
Unabled to release processing component.
org.apache.cocoon.ProcessingException: Unable to remove component from automatic release:
no environment available.
at org.apache.cocoon.components.CocoonComponentManager.removeFromAutomaticRelease(
at org.apache.cocoon.components.pipeline.AbstractProcessingPipeline.release(
at org.apache.cocoon.components.source.impl.SitemapSource.reset(
at org.apache.cocoon.components.source.impl.SitemapSource.recycle(
at org.apache.cocoon.components.source.impl.SitemapSourceFactory.release(
at org.apache.excalibur.source.impl.SourceResolverImpl.release(

and so on..

full error on dos console is :

at org.apache.cocoon.environment.AbstractEnvironment.release(
at org.apache.cocoon.environment.wrapper.MutableEnvironmentFacade.release(
at org.apache.cocoon.transformation.TraxTransformer.recycle(
at org.apache.avalon.excalibur.pool.ResourceLimitingPool.put(
at org.apache.avalon.excalibur.component.PoolableComponentHandler.doPut(
at org.apache.avalon.excalibur.component.ComponentHandler.put(
and so on..


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