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From "Alex Kovacs" <>
Subject Re: JXForm flow issue with request parameters
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2003 10:03:16 GMT
Got it fixed :-).

The idea is to use POST as the method for the form that calls the flowscript pipeline. As
soon as one sends some GET data, JXForm breaks. BTW I use cocoon 2.1.2 (stable release).

  ----- Original Message ----- 
  From: Alex Kovacs 
  Sent: Monday, November 03, 2003 9:36 AM
  Subject: JXForm flow issue with request parameters


  I am trying to create a wizard using JXForm. I have the following funtion in the flow:

  "function flowhandler(form) {

      var username = cocoon.request.get("username");
      var model = aBean.getModel(username);



  and the sitemap as follows:

  " ...
       <map:match pattern="new/">
          <map:call function="jxform">
            <map:parameter name="function" value="flowhandler"/>
            <map:parameter name="id" value="form-feedback"/>
            <map:parameter name="validatorNamespace" value=""/>
            <map:parameter name="validatorSchema" value="scripts/schematron.xml"/>
            <map:parameter name="username" value="{request-param:username}"/>

  Now, when I call the sitemap with http://localhost:8080/myapp/new/?username=john (I do this
from another page actually), everything is displayed correctly in the first view (xdocs/personal_details.xml),
but as soon as I press next on the page, I get the following error in the browser:

  * There are [1] errors. Please fix these errors and submit the form again.
  * No pointer for xpath: username

  What am I doing wrong? And, if I cannot use cocoon.request.get(), to obtain the username,
how should I do it?

  Many thanks for helping,
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