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From "Robert Simmons" <>
Subject Re: New CVS?
Date Sun, 19 Oct 2003 18:34:38 GMT

Who is ranting? Hardly me. I'm merely discussing technical merits of a product.
I am neither angry nor upset.

May ** I ** suggest that you simply not read a topic you have no interest in
instead of playing censor?

The discussion about a new version of CVS is a cross apache sort of thing and I
am interested in all informed, intellectual opinions. I am not interested in
flame wars. If you care to submit some ideas, comments of a technical nature or
opinions on the project (not on me personally) then I shall certainly read them

-- Robert

"Steven Noels" <> wrote in message
> Robert Simmons wrote:
> > In addition there are amany concepts that I dont agree with in subversion.
> > of which I enumerated in my reply. However, Im lookign for an extensible
> > framework. Not a monolithic program. Furthermore I am lookign for 100% pure
> > and indepence in deployment options; MySql, oracle, etc ...
> May I kindly suggest to keep this rant elsewhere? It is largely
> off-topic to this list.
> </Steven>
> -- 
> Steven Noels                  
> Outerthought - Open Source Java & XML            An Orixo Member
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