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From "Steve Schwarz" <>
Subject Configurable Transformers?
Date Fri, 31 Oct 2003 00:27:24 GMT
I'm writing a transformer that I need to make Configurable but as soon as I 
add "implements Configurable" to my class, compile it, restart Jetty, and 
request a pipeline using the transformer it get:

Lookup of transformer for role 'date' failed

If I remove "implements Configurable" the lookup succeeds...

Is there something special I need to do?

My sitemap entry:
<map:transformer name="date"

The class contains:
public class DateTransformer extends AbstractTransformer implements 
Configurable {
public void setup(SourceResolver resolver,Map objectModel,String 
src,Parameters par){...}
public void configure(Configuration conf) throws ConfigurationException 
public void startElement(String uri, String loc, String raw, Attributes a) 
public void characters(char[] c, int start, int len) throws SAXException 
public void endElement(String uri, String loc, String raw){...}

Any pointers greatly appreciated!

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