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From "dave rogers" <>
Subject RE: New CVS? (WebDAV is all but dead?)
Date Sun, 19 Oct 2003 18:13:41 GMT


I was under the impression that WebDAV was full steam ahead,
being adoped widely and so on. It was a big part of the "vision" presented
during the afternoon of the "GentTogether". And now I hear "WebDAV is

Anyone care to unpack that statement??? I will be spending the rest of the
seeing whats in Slide, am I wasting my time?

I see webdav as allowing best of breed editors to modify documents outside
of the "CMS", and that a CMS may not need to have much (any?) editing
capibility if it is webdav enabled. Also I see it as a way to capture
metatdata and provide "virtual access structues" for a repository (organize
the cds the way u like, when u log in u see your structure, but of the same

Also, Does any one know where there are any other open WebDAV java server
implementations i shold look at? (besides the tomcat servlet and the Dav4J)?


>Robert Simmons wrote:
>My vision is of an architecture that is extensible, powerful, efficient and
>based upon commonly used standards. (Lets face it, WebDAV is all but dead)

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