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From "Nick Smith" <>
Subject Re: Possible to POST using a HTML Generator?
Date Fri, 24 Oct 2003 19:31:10 GMT

Thanks for your answers on this everyone!

>>Sounds like bottom line is - it can't be done at present.  (unless he 
>>doesn't really need POST but can substitute GET).
>Correcting myself: of course it can be done.  It can't be done by 
>configuring the current set of components available.  A new component, or 
>additional capability added to an existing component is needed.

Well, the need is still there, and its sufficient that I'm prepared to get 
my hands dirty with a bespoke component. Any pointers as to were I should 
start? I'm guessing I need to write a new generator, but HTTPGenerator 
doesn't seem to have access to the guts of the url request... any pointers 
in a general direction would be much appreciated!

Thanks again,

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