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From "Stephanie Zohner" <>
Subject Removing whitespace in XSP generated XML
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2003 13:30:35 GMT

According to the messages in the Mail Archive my problem is well known, but
I could not find an proper solution in it. So maybe this time ?!

I have unwanted whitespace in XSP generated attributes:

For example:

XSP-Code like this:

      <xsp:attribute name="email">

Result into:

<user email="&#10;                  ;  

The offered solutions are:
Strip the whitespace out of the XSP-page manuelly, so it won't appear in the
I edit my XML Files with XML Spy, so this solution in not good. It
obliterates the XSP file.

Another offered solution is the xslt-function normalize-space.
This however, did not work as expected so far. I assume this is because,
normalize-space removes no
"&#10;", which is the first character in my atibute values.

Is there a way to prevent unwanted whitespace in the XSP, and if not how can
XSLT help in my case (&#10;)

I would be very glad, if anybody can help me with this.



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