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From Josep Riudavets Aguilo <>
Subject Conditional processing in XSLT
Date Mon, 13 Oct 2003 16:08:13 GMT
Hi all...

I'm trying to use <xsl:choose> tag into a XSL page. The condition
wiil be set depending onthe content of a string named "mail". This
string has to be captured from the XSP related to this XSL.

XSP produces these results:

So, into the XSL I have written next lines:

<xsl:when test="???????">
    ---some code---
    ---more code---

Depending the content of "mail", a different code has to be executed
(HTML result will be different depending on mail content).

I don't know how to capture the <mail> tag from the xsp page. Out of
the <xsl:when> than, I use <xsl:value-of select="mail"/> ... but,
how can I capture this value into the <xsl:when> tag???

Thanks a lot

I don't know how to caputre

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