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From Oleg Dulin <>
Subject Re: [OT?] - XUL
Date Fri, 31 Oct 2003 17:32:51 GMT
I slaved over a pretty big XUL application earlier this year using 
Mozilla as a run time environment.

Just want to point something out:

* XUL is just another XML format
* XUL is an interactive-client side technology, as opposed to mostly 
static Xhtml. Cocoon/COcoon Forms/Woody is an interactive server side 
technology. Getting the two to work together would be useful, but I am 
just not sure if there is anything Cocoon can contribute. There already 
are ways to invoke XML web services from JavaScript from within a XUL app.
* From Cocoon standpoint, nothing changes
* There are no good XUL books, the ones that exist don't go deep enough 
to be useful
* If Cocoon developers do find a need to add XUL support to Cocoon, I'd 
try and make it as Mozilla-independent as possible so that non-Mozilla 
XUL renderer plugins can be used. For example, going back to my XForms 
post earlier, XUL/JavaScript can be used to render XForms on the client 

My personal opinion is that Cocoon does not need any special support for 
XUL, but that is because I cannot think of a scenario where Cocoon would 
be of help aside from providing backend XML web services and, possibly, 
rendering screens.


Antonio Gallardo wrote:
> Hi:
> I found this interesting article:
> I am wondering if we can provide support for this in Cocoon. As always,
> comments are very welcomed. :-)
> Best Regards,
> Antonio Gallardo
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