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From "Andrzej Jan Taramina" <>
Subject Re: JXForms vs. Woody vs. KISS
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2003 21:46:39 GMT
> Has Chicoon been updated to work with Cocoon 2.1 ? I noticed the 
> released archive is from April, 2003 , older than Cocoon 2.1 .

There is a pre-release version of Chicoon that I have been working on that 
works with Cocoon 2.1.2 and Chiba 0.9.2.  I hope to be able to post it in a 
week or so.

> If the requirement is simply to show a form based on an XML file, let 
> the user edit it, validate it, and then save the updates, then this can 
> be easier done with a simple pipeline and I see no reason to deal with a yet
> another framework outside of Cocoon.

That's exactly what I am doing with Cocoon, Chiba and Chicoon for my current 
project, and I haven't written a line of code yet (XSL transforms not 

> Here is an example:
> - I have an XML document
> - I want to prepopulate an HTML form and present it to ther user based 
> on the values in document
> - The user edits the form and clicks "Save"
> - The values are extracted out of POST parameters and saved back to the 
> original document.

Exactly what I am doing.  Actually, what I am doing is a bit more complicated 
than your requirement.

> The remainder is tricky. I accomplished this by setting up an internal 
> pipeline that uses RequestGenerator to create an XSL transform called 
> "update.xsl" that applies the changes to the original document. To know 
> which form values go to which places in the original document I used 
> xpaths of the original elements and attributes as names for input 
> fields. So, an XSL can be generated that applies the changes to the 
> original doc and wraps it in something that SOurceWritingTransformer can
> understand.

It was easy with Chiba/Chicoon.

> Is there a Cocoon solution that would let me easily set up a form that 
> essentially edit XML w/o all of the aforementioned convoluted XSLTs ? To
> rephrase -- is there a way to map XML document onto an HTML form and then
> apply the changes back to the original document other than what I mentioned ? 
> Would Chicoon or Woody be helpful ?

Chicoon/Chiba does this admirably, and has the added advantage that it is 
based on the XForms standard, with all the benefits that implies.

Andrzej Jan Taramina
Chaeron Corporation: Enterprise System Solutions

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