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From Anders Forsgren <>
Subject Re: nuke like engine based on cocoon
Date Fri, 24 Oct 2003 16:31:39 GMT
I could help out

I once tried using phpNuke but started hating the ugly mixing of looks 
and content, and the quick hack look of it all. I wanted something 
skinnable so I started writing a simple nuke like community portal that 
used Xalan and an xsl skin to show 
news/forums/polls/downloads/members/etc from a mysql database with 
"modules" producing pages and blocks from the xml content. modules can 
be added/removed and restricted to access levels etc.

3 months into this project i realized that half the work was actually 
implemented already in something called cocoon :(
I am also very interested in using cocoon to make a solid replacement 
for phpNuke.

A look of what it looked like before I ditched the project and started 
looking into cocoon is on this game-clan's website (unfortunately swedish)

Without knowing too much about cocoon blocks, they seem like they could 
help a lot in the creation of such a framework...


>>this is just an idea or/and a proposition
>>to begin a "CocoonNuke" maybe project 
>>something just like nukes (postnuke phpnuke) but using cocoon

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