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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: "The declared package does not match the expected package"?
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2003 19:33:25 GMT
Lars Huttar wrote:
> Geoff,
> Thanks for your reply.
>>From: Geoff Howard
>>>I don't think I changed *anything* in between. Except that I added
>>>some Microsoft SQL - JDBC driver .jar's into Tomcat 4.1\common\lib.
>>>And I took them out again to see if that could by some wild stretch
>>>be the problem. No difference.
>>I interpret the above to mean there _was_ a difference.  Now 
>>it's giving 
>>you this "does not match expected package" error.  I missed the first 
>>part of this thread.
> No, that was the first message in the thread...
> What I meant was, there was no difference between the time before
> I took out the Microsoft drivers and the time after. In both cases,
> I got the error.
>>>Here's the file ethnologue/sources/count-rows.xsp:
>>I'd guess that the current or earlier version of this was actually in 
>>Ethnologue/sources/count-rows.xsp.  Is "ethnologue" really lower case 
> Good question. It's actually uppercase in the file system,
> and it may be that we're referencing it in lowercase, and that
> works sometimes but not always.
> So I'll look into that more.
> On the other hand, it used to work, and I know I didn't change
> the case of Ethnologue...

The specific error you were getting there looked like a compiler error 
when your xsp was turned into a java class (which is what happens behind 
the scenes).  The fact that it seemed to work before I can't explain, 
but you may try stopping the servlet container (tomcat or jetty for 
example), deleting the work directory (ignore that part for Jetty) and
restarting Cocoon.  If that makes it work again it'll be a major clue.


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