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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: CSV upload to Chaperon
Date Sat, 18 Oct 2003 16:36:38 GMT
Paul Crabtree wrote:

> Thanks Geoff.
> I've come across something called a FilePartGenerator since my post:
> n/FilePartGenerator.html, which, to me, seems to be what i want.
> Is there anything like this in 2.1 or anything coming? 

That generator was submitted as a patch but was closed because he forgot 
to attach the source.  I haven't looked at the code in a while but the 
modifications to make that run in 2.1 shouldn't be very big.  If you're 
interested in it, have the author of that Generator re-open the patch at 
bugzilla with the attachments.  You are also probably free to take it 
yourself and adopt it.  If the original author doesn't want to bother 
submitting it again and you have his license to do so, you could 
contribute that generator yourself.

There was a problem with the other part of the code he was donating in 
that it introduced a dependency on a project with an incompatible 
license (though the author granted an exception for the version he used) 
and overlapped heavily with POI which we already have in cvs.

> Im not sure using
> the file:// protocol file give me what i want as the file exists in
> memory only and im reluctant to save a copy of the file due to me client
> requirements.

It's only in memory if you have autosave-uploads set to false (which is 
no longer the default in 2.1).  In 2.1 autosave-uploads does not save 
the file, permanently - it's automatically deleted at the end of the 
request.  Does that meet your client requirements?

> Im kind of getting the whole upload process now and the ways in which
> Cocoon can handle them, i just see a missing link between that part and
> getting the in-memory file through to a pipeline. 

That's where the generator or a source would come in handy.

> I read on a mail list
> somewhere that there is a brand new generator in Bugzilla that will
> solve this but cant find any more info on this out. anyone come across
> this?

It may have been the same one you found - I'm not aware of any others. 
Do you have a link to the archive?  Maybe it'd jog my memory.


> Paul Crabtree wrote:
>>Hi, i've been using Cocoon 2.1 for a few months now but i've only just
>>joined this mailing list so i apologise if this sort of question has
>>been and gone.
>>Here's what im trying to do:
>>"Provide a form for users to upload their CSV files. When the user
>>uploads the CSV file Cocoon takes the file and passes it to the text
>>generator and through the chaperon transformers to do a similar thing
> to
>>what the chaperon CSV sample does now."
>>I dont think i need to save the file at all but i cant work out how to
>>pass it to the text generator, XSP?
>>Is this possible?
> Read the wiki for file-upload handling.  If auto-save uploads is set to 
> true, you should be able to use the name of the upload field (using 
> input module {request-param:name_of_field}) in the src attribute of the 
> text generator (we have this? isn't it a Chaperon generator? sorry for 
> my ignorance).  This would be relying on the toString implementation of 
> PartOnDisk, which I think will give you the file location. You may need 
> to use src="file://{request-param:name_of_field}".
> Alternatively, you could also use an action or flow to get the filename 
> in a form that would work (and even save it somewhere permanent) and 
> pass it to the pipeline as a sitemap param (in the case of action) or 
> some other form (request attribute??) for use in your src.
> These feel kind of hacky and it would be better to create a source 
> handler for uploads.  This probably would be pretty simple if you want 
> to pursue it.  I think I hinted at this with someone else recently.  I 
> don't have time to invest in it now, but could help you or someone else 
> through it.

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