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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: CLI - Problems with URI ending with / (with a code fix inlined)
Date Fri, 17 Oct 2003 14:25:33 GMT

Again, well spotted. I've committed your fix.

[For some reason, I'm not getting list emails - I just happened to see 
these on the archives :-( ]

Regards, Upayavira


when using CLI to generate offline pages I get problems if my "in site"
uris end with /. In the following lines I describe the scenario and
small code fix to my problem. Maybe I could have achieved what I want
without that fix maybe not. Here we go.


Some uris in my site are
	- service/
	- contact/
	- etc/
I access the homepage for example with http// and a page
with http// .

I want CLI to generate the following files and directories in the
destination directory:

-	index.html
-	service/index.html
-	contact/index.html
-	.....

but I get:

-	index.html
-	service/index
-	contact/index
-	.....

CLI is in this case not using my <default-filename> specified in xconf
file, which is "index.html". It uses the one defined in

I tracked this down to a code snippet in class
org.apache.cocoon.bean.Target in method getDerivedTarget(...).

In that method you will find a code snippet like this:

-------- snippet ------------
	 Target target = new Target(this.type, this.root, linkURI,
        return target;
-------- end of snippet ------------

I think the following line is missing before the return statement:


Inserting that line and a recompile did the trick for me.

May be I have done some other thinsg wrong....but maybe it works for
you, too.

If someone is asking why I want urls to end with /, here is a reason:

I want to keep my uris, which are a user interface for me, independant
from the implementation of site pages. So I do not want my uris end with
.html .

I'm new to cocoon and I want to say:

Cocoon is really great software. Many thanks to all developers and
contrrbutors and other supporting people for it.

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