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From Tony Edwards <>
Subject Re: xslt/transformer question
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2003 07:23:29 GMT
Hi Geert,
I have written a basic xml editor in cocoon that can result in large 
files in region of 150 to 200kb +. Obviously at the upper end of the 
file size it gets a bit sluggish but works none the less.
I use the source writing transformer to output the xml file to disk. 
Prior to this step, I wrap the required <source:write> tags around the 
document in a stylesheet which is basically an identity transform of the 
Hope this helps.


Geert Van Damme wrote:

>I have a very (VERY!) large xml (generated through xsp) and I need to
>write this to a file. Untill now I used a DOM transformer because the
>files weren't as large, but obviously with DOM I'm having some serious
>memory problems... After the file is written, the result
>(success/failure) should be sent back in XML format to the browser.
>So my question is, should I write my own transformer using SAX to write
>the xml from the pipeline to a file, or is there another component for
>this available (Cocoon 2.0.4) ? Related to this, I suppose I could use
>an XSLT for writing the file (<redirect:write file="theFile.xml">...</>)
>but does the XSLT use DOM or SAX ? How is xslt performance with large
>xml documents ?
>Any suggestions would be appreciated :)
>Thanks !
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