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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: comments on cocoon docs: installing/updating page
Date Tue, 14 Oct 2003 21:24:46 GMT
Hello Lars,

to be "smart aleck" I quote the first sentence of this document: " 
Please take your time to read this document *completely* before trying 
to upgrade from a Cocoon 2.0.x installation to 2.1 (or above). ;-P

But of course the documentation (and as especially if it is only one 
page) should be consistent as possible.

Read on:

On 14.10.2003 21:19, Lars Huttar wrote:

> On the doc page
> The "Pipelines configuration..." paragraph says,
> 'To update your installation, you have to remove the "event-pipeline" and "stream-pipeline"
> from your cocoon.xconf and add the map:pipes section to the map:components section of
> sitemap.'
> It also mentions a couple of other things you have to change in
> sitemap.xmap and cocoon.xconf ("The SAXConnectors have been removed, so if you upgrade
manually you
> have to remove the sax-connectors configuration from cocoon.xconf."), then says
> "So it's not that bad, despite incompatible changes in the Cocoon code there is little
to do to
> update your Cocoon installation."
> Comments:
> 1) This is somewhat inconsistent with the later recommendation
> under "Cocoon Configuration (cocoon.xconf)", which says
> 'To update cocoon.xconf, we recommend that you start with the new cocoon.xconf from V2.1
> incorporate your changes in it, instead of trying to migrate your old configuration file.'
> After following the directions about removing SAXConnectors
> from my old cocoon.xconf, I spent a good while trying to
> adapt my old cocoon.xconf to work with Cocoon 2.1.2, only
> to find the later recommendation that we start from the new
> sitemap and incorporate changes.

The SAXConnector thing seem to be on the wrong place. It was in the 
sitemap section, I have moved it into the cocoon.xconf section. Now it 
means "start from V2.1, but if you want to do it manually, remove the 

> 2) The same recommendation would be a good one for the sitemap:
> don't try to upgrade your old one; instead start with the new
> one. Why? There are many changes necessary to upgrading,
> beyond those listed in this document. I had to debug "internal
> server errors" in the sitemap one after another, and finally
> gave up and started from the clean 2.1.2 sitemap.

There shouldn't be many changes necessary, can you tell us which one you 
needed additionally to the mentioned changes? If there are really many 
changes I will add a comment about starting from V2.1 too.

> So my suggestions would be:
> 1) At the beginning of the "Sitemap" and "Cocoon Configuration"
> sections, insert a recommendation to start with the new
> sitemap.xmap and cocoon.xconf, respectively, rather than
> trying to upgrade your old one.

Read above.

> 2) Move the statement about SAXConnectors and cocoon.xconf from the
> Sitemap section to the Cocoon Configuration section, underneath the
> "we recommend that you start with the new cocoon.xconf" paragraph.

Ah, exactly as I wrote it above. Done.

> 3) While we're on this page, I would remove from the
> "Components" section the sentence "This effort has been successful except for one change
> shouldn't affect anybody (see below)."
> It's not clear which of the many changes "see below" refers to,
> and anyway there were myriad changes that affected my upgrade.
> I'm not complaining, it's just that this particular statement
> isn't accurate.


Thanks for reporting. I also fixed the first paragraph.


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