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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: generating static web sites
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2003 17:13:02 GMT
Lars Huttar wrote:

>Hi all,
>We are working on a project where we would like to generate static versions
>of web sites using cocoon. Currently we're using version 204 (though we're
>thinking about moving to 2.1.*) on Windows machines.
>It's taken a while to get a run.bat working that has all the right jar
>files in the classpath. What a mess. Hopefully it's easier in version 2.1.*.
Couldn't be much different. Type cocoon cli -x cli.xconf and off it goes.

>Here's the question.
>I'm trying to test this on my standalone machine (a laptop). I want to
>be able to test my setup (sitemap, and my XML and XSL and HTML files)
>using the localhost:8080 web connection through a browser; but then
>I want to test and see what the static web site generation process does with
>what I have.
>My experience is that in order to do the latter, I have to shut down
>Tomcat. Otherwise I get an error
> Address already in use: JVM_Bind
That bind exception is due to HSQLDB, not tomcat, so you should be able 
to ignore that error.

>So switching back and forth between testing-via-browser and testing-via-CLI
>is a pain because I have to keep starting and stopping Tomcat.
>Am I missing something?
Yes (I think). Try ignoring the error.

>A second, related question is: is it possible to invoke the static web
>site generation remotely, via a URL? I suppose I can put something in
>the cocoon sitemap to call the Java class org.apache.cocoon.Main
>with the appropriate command-line arguments? Has anyone successfully
>done that?
It isn't yet. In time it will probably go that way. However, you could 
call the CLI from a cron job (if you're running unix), so that the site 
is regenerated for example every night.

Hope that helps.

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