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From joakim Verona <>
Subject portal engine question
Date Sat, 04 Oct 2003 14:10:08 GMT
Hello list,

I have a question about the portal(I have made a live site using cocoon,, so am not a total newbie, but almost...)

Im trying to make a "family media portal" using cocoon.

It should let my family and frineds browse our online music, movie, 
ebooks and so on, collections.

I've configured a portal instance and made a tiny first stab at a music 
browser using the mp3 directory generator.

My current problem is how I make directory links that will generate the 
portal view correctly, or if this is indeed possible at all.

That is, since the mp3 directory list lives in a coplet, how do I make 
directory links that update only the coplet.

If this isnt possible¸how do I write a url that regenerates the entire 
view within the portal properly.


PS If anyone else is working on a similar project, I would be delighted 
to hear from you.

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