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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: [OT?] - XUL
Date Fri, 31 Oct 2003 22:16:27 GMT
Oleg Dulin dijo:
> I slaved over a pretty big XUL application earlier this year using
> Mozilla as a run time environment.
> Just want to point something out:
> * XUL is just another XML format
> * XUL is an interactive-client side technology, as opposed to mostly
> static Xhtml. Cocoon/COcoon Forms/Woody is an interactive server side
> technology. Getting the two to work together would be useful, but I am
> just not sure if there is anything Cocoon can contribute. There already
> are ways to invoke XML web services from JavaScript from within a XUL
> app. * From Cocoon standpoint, nothing changes
> * There are no good XUL books, the ones that exist don't go deep enough
> to be useful
> * If Cocoon developers do find a need to add XUL support to Cocoon, I'd
> try and make it as Mozilla-independent as possible so that non-Mozilla
> XUL renderer plugins can be used. For example, going back to my XForms
> post earlier, XUL/JavaScript can be used to render XForms on the client
> side.
Well it depends. In our case, we build intranets webapp where you have
full control on every client your application servers. For this reason if
the app  depends on Mozilla or not is not the point. You can see XUL as a
FAT client while using thin client advantage. Also as Linux on the Desktop
is a near reality. Mozilla or Firebird is a good bet here: Using it in
Windows while you are there and then switch to Linux when you will do the

> My personal opinion is that Cocoon does not need any special support for
>  XUL, but that is because I cannot think of a scenario where Cocoon
> would  be of help aside from providing backend XML web services and,
> possibly,  rendering screens.

Yep. This is a good scenario. Another could be MVC while using a set of
small XUL applications.

Anyway I just posted an interesting article. Maybe next year I will try to
play with this stuff.

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

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