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From "Peter Brant" <>
Subject Handling non-Exception Throwables with handle-errors
Date Fri, 31 Oct 2003 18:32:15 GMT
Hi all,

I've noticed that any Throwable that is not an Exception is not handled with
the error handler defined in the handle-errors sitemap fragment.  The result
is a blank page with no indication anything went wrong (although the
stacktrace does show up in Tomcat's log).

It looks like the catch(Exception e) in PipelineNode.invoke() could be
changed to catch(Throwable e)?

As an aside, I'm a new Cocoon user who developed some XSLT extensions to
Struts (sort of a SAX-ified version of stxx) - not open source unfortunately. 
We've used it with good success on several projects, but it was proving
unsuitable for some harder problems so I took a look at Cocoon.  I'm completely
blown away.  The Source interface along is to die for.  A huge thanks to the
people who have contributed the obviously immense amount of effort that has gone
into it.


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