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From Alain Javier Guarnieri del Gesu <>
Subject Re: OT: Was: JXForms vs. Woody vs. KISS
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2003 14:40:30 GMT
* Gianluca Sartori <> [2003-10-30 07:11]:
> Il mar, 2003-10-28 alle 21:34, Ugo Cei ha scritto:

> A Model. One can use XML tu build Models which are independent from the
> specific implementation. An example could be a UML Class Diagrams. You
> have a model (The Class Diagram Model) which is then converted in
> something concrete (ie. some .java files)
> We do it with Class Diagram, we could do the same with Logic Flows
> > > the future will be cool to design your application with WISIWYG tools
> > > instead of writing code :)
> > 
> > Visual programming is The Next Big Thing. Sure. It's been for almost 
> > twenty years ;-).

> The fact we still don't have it is not sufficient to exclude it, don't
> you think? Dennis Ritchie invented the C language to implement the
> concept of portability raising the programming level to un upper
> abstraction level. Today we don't have a 100% portability solution. The
> problem is not the technology itself. The problem is to find an
> agreement on how to to things. Standards are important for this reason
> (the problem here is the time standards require to be defined)
> I don't want to say that we are going to use visual tools for al kind of
> programming needs. I say that we could use conceptual models for well
> knonw patterns. Of couse well known means we have experience in the
> field, and this requires time.

At first blush, it sounds far fetched to me, too. Upon reflection,
    it merely seems to be far reaching.

Along the way to the day when the PHB can drag and drop his own
    logistics software (shudder), XML provides for visualization
    tools and reporting tools.  Underneath all this is an XML model
    of that workflow. Before graphical user interface creates that
    model, the model can create graphical representations that are
    the basis of a future user interface.

You might have a look at Together J, or Embarcadaro (are they still
    independant?), to get a picture of how a visual programming
    paradigm, given a few decades, can really pan out. They are good
    examples of visual programming using the URL and ER models,

I've used ER-Win to create relational databases. I cound never
    imagine why someone would deign to write DDL by hand.

(Note: This comes from a fellow who does alost all his work in vi.
    I don't really work with visual tools.)

Alain Javier Guarnieri del Gesu -

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