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From Sebastian Klamar <>
Subject returning to the pipeline after a Serializer based on output size
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2003 19:03:20 GMT

I want to implement a Transformer, that needs to be excecuted more
than once.  To know whether the Transformer has to be fired up again
you need to know the output size, produced by an (WML) Serializer (and
WML Compile).  The idea behind this is to fragment a page into smaller
parts, so devices with small memory and display resources can display
the page.  (The fragmented pages are stored on the server and delivered
separately.  Navigation between the fragments is done via inserted
hyperlinks.  There is also needed a FragementCacheManager that
delivers the other fragmented pieces of one page -- but that's the
second problem *g)

How can I analyze the data produced at the very end of the chain (in
case of producing WML after additionally compiling it) and return to the
FragmentationTransformer in the Cocoon pipeline?

Maybe the following chart can help you to understand what I want to

         other Transformers
      FragmentationTransformer  <-----------------------.
                |                      param             \
                V                                         \
         WML Serializer (XMLSerializer)                    \
                |                                           \
                V                                            \
           WMLCompiler                                        \
                |                                              \
                |                                               \
                X check the size of the serialized/compiled     |
                  character stream                              |
                  if output > MAX return to FragmentationTransformer
                  else deliver to client (which has MAX bytes of
                                          memory resources)

Or in good ol' do-while-style:

saxDocument = somePreTransformer.act(...);
do {
    fragmentedSaxDocument = FragmentationTransformer.act(saxDocument, param);
    wmlDocument = WMLSerializer.act(fragmentedSaxDocument);
    compiledData = WMLCompiler.act(wmlDocument);
} while (compiledData.getSize() > MAX);

The WMLCompiler can't be part of the Cocoon pipeline, can it?  Maybe
implement an additional Serializer that does WML-Serializing and
compiling in one?

Matchers and Selectors do only act on the request.  Maybe I have to
check the output (compiled data) in an external servlet and recalling
the Cocoon Servlet again?  Not good.

What about Readers?  They do act on character data, only.  Can you place
Readers *after* a Serializer?  Depending of the output of the Serializer
you jump back to the FragmentationTransformer in the pipeline.  Does
Cocoon's sitemap concept/logic support this?  I've read that Readers are
applied outside of the SAX pipeline (because they are a combination of a
generator and a serializer) :-(

I'm new to Cocoon (but supported by the great Cocoon Developer's
Handbook by Lajos Moczar and Jeremy Aston).  Therefore I still haven't
got a good overall knowledge on Cocoon's sitemap logic and component
interaction needed by the described algorithm.

TIA -- Sebastian

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