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From "McDonald, Bruce" <>
Subject FW: Babeldoc 1.2.0-RC2 Release
Date Thu, 23 Oct 2003 19:16:01 GMT

Please feel free to email me or otherwise contact me to talk about this off list if you want
- I am not sure how interested people are in this.  I really want to get babeldoc into Apache
as a project.  I understand the first question that I will be asked is:  How is Babeldoc different
than Cocoon?  Well, it is but its different not in that their functions don't overlap (they
do) but how the solutions are arrived at.  Babeldoc is modeled after tools like WebMethods,
etc that are exclusively intended for EAI and other integration work.  Cocoon, on the other
hand grew out of XML / XSL transformations using servlets (I have been using Cocoon since
pre-1.0 days on Apache JServ).  These different origins continue to influence strongly.


-----Original Message-----
From: Reinhard Poetz []
Sent: Thursday, October 23, 2003 3:02 PM
Subject: RE: Babeldoc 1.2.0-RC2 Release

From: McDonald, Bruce

> Heres are some things:
> The big difference is the configuration and the dynamic 
> modularity.  You cannot do the same with Cocoon.  In order to 
> use Cocoon from the commandline you need to supply an xconf 
> file.  This is handled differently in babeldoc:
> 1.  The configuration of babeldoc is "merged" - so you just 
> need to "add" those functions/configurations - you do not 
> need to supply a wholly new (or derived) configuration.  Also 
> it makes configuration incremental and overridable.  You do 
> not need to crack open babeldoc to override a configuration 
> option.  Additionally the configuration data can be stored in 
> a SQL database and accessed just as from XML or properties files.

Sorry, I don't understand this - I think this needs more work from my
side than looking into some specs and docs.

> 2.  Journaling - Cocoon just has no way of recreating 
> previous processing state.  Babeldoc has this built in.  You 
> can replay processing.

I think the Cocoon control flow could help here

> 3.  Babeldoc also has a number of text/data to XML conversion 
> pipeline stages.  You can convert Excel or EDI or CSV or 
> COBOL copy book data to XML and then process it.  Ideal for 
> heterogeneous sites.

This should work with Cocoon too ...

> 4.  The scanner - great for unattended systems.  Supports 
> CRON-like scheduling.

Cocoon 2.1 has a Cron block

> This is not to say that Babeldoc is "better" than Cocoon - 
> its different from Cocoon.  Personally I think that they are 
> complementary and I use both daily.  I want to focus on XML 
> and document technologies and Cocoon and Babeldoc allow me to do that.

I understand. My comments are also not meant in a way that I want to
prove that Cocoon is better - I simply want to find out whether it is
worth learning to understand how Babeldoc works.

Anyway, thank your very much for your explanations. Maybe it makes the
decision for some people easier.


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