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From Gianluca Sartori <>
Subject Re: Woody - Cocoon Forms
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2003 10:58:25 GMT
Il lun, 2003-10-27 alle 11:41, Joerg Heinicke ha scritto:
> In which form does your XHTML templates exist? In general it could be either 
> added to the form template the WoodyTransformer works on or to stylesheets 
> working on the output of the WoodyTransformer.

Ok. Where can I find docs about the WoodyTransformer? :) I have XHTML
Pages made by a designer with forms in it. What I want to do is use
Woody with'em. I built a Woody "Form Descriptor" but I don't understand
how to arrange togeter those two elements: the XHTML Page and the Form

What I don't need is the Woody Templating facility (the "wt" namespace).
The wiki says I can avoid using it, but I cannot find informations on
how to do it.

> Joerg

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