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Subject Re: simple matching problem
Date Thu, 23 Oct 2003 06:05:33 GMT
I apologize, I just solved it.
It appears I had a more general image matcher hidden somewhere above the
special image matcher in the sitemap, and as soon as I changed directories
the more general matcher was able to match (one that just does a map:read of
image resources). I don't know why I was thinking that general matchers was
matched last, and not in order of appearance... rtfm I guess. Once again,


> I'm confused :-)
> Let's clarify: You have a root sitemap mounting the submap sitemap. In 
> the latter one you have a matcher for the image and matchers for the 
> HTML pages in dir1 and dir2. You want to refer from the HTML pages to 
> this image?
> How does you image matcher look like?
> > I have a real beginner's problem with relative links to in my cocoon 2.0.4
> > webapp
> > The root sitemap is located at the webapp context at
> > In a subdirectory under /cocoon I have a subsitemap containing several 
> > directories, for example "dir1" and "dir2". There is also an svg file in a
> > directory "images". Where the root sitemap has the submap/sitemap.xmap 
> > mounted at some path unknown to the subsitemap.
> > The problem now is that I generate pages at requests to dir1/page1.html and
> > dir2/page2.html , and inside these html pages I want to use the image.jpg
> > generated by the svg. If I write the matcher to catch image.jpg at all
> paths , 
> > i guess match="**/image.jpg", then the map:generate src="images/image.svg"
> > will only find the svg if the requested html page is in the sitemap
> directory?
> > Matching and generating as above, I get the rendered image ok from a html
> page 
> > in the sitemap directory, but I get a resource missing error from 
> > dir1/page1.html. 

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