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Subject Re: I am also having problems with logicsheets
Date Fri, 17 Oct 2003 11:37:23 GMT
I'm using C2.1.1. The built-in logicsheets, at least esql and util, do work so I'll try your
suggestion. I'll also add the trailing slash to the URI ... at this point I'll try anything!

Christopher Painter-Wakefield <> wrote:

>Thanks, much better.  Unfortunately, I can't reproduce your error.  I
>created files and sitemap entry just like yours in my environment, and it
>worked just fine.  I think I am using C2.0.4, but one of the other
>developers thinks we are on C2.0.3, not sure.  Which version are you on?  I
>think we are also on slightly newer versions of Xalan and Xerces than were
>distributed with C2.0.4, but I doubt that is impacting this issue.
>I'm not sure what else to tell you to try, especially since you've stripped
>things down to such a simple example.  That is usually the best way to find
>the error.  All I can suggest is to go back over your cocoon.xconf and
>anything else you can think of that might affect this problem, and look for
>any typos, ill-formed XML, suspicious quotes, etc.  Assuming the built-in
>logicsheets work for you, you can try pulling one of them out of the war
>file into your webapp directory, and modifying cocoon.xconf to use the
>local copy.  Make sure it still works applied to your simple example.  If
>so, then you can start stripping it down template by template and then add
>back in your two logicsheet templates, and see if it still works.  If it
>works, then there is a problem in your cocoon.xconf or something.  If not,
>then maybe you'll find a clue along the way.
>This is a real longshot, but I wondered if cocoon doesn't like your URI not
>having a trailing slash?
>As it happens, I am wrestling with a logicsheet-related bug (I think) in
>Cocoon myself, so now I get to post a plea for help...
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