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From "Nicolas Maisonneuve" <>
Subject flowscript access to a widget in a repeater
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2003 13:42:27 GMT
my model is :
<wd:field id="index">
    <wd:label>Index :</wd:label>
    <wd:datatype base="string"/>
    <wd:selection-list src="cocoon:/list?list=index" dynamic="true"/>

         var value = event.source.value;
         /* var searchwidget= something to access to my searchwidget in the repeater  */
         searchwidget.setSelectionList("cocoon:/list?list=search&amp;index=" + value);


 <wd:repeater id="transform">

  <wd:field id="search" required="true">
      <wd:label>Search field:</wd:label>
      <wd:datatype base="string"/>

how acess to my searchfield ? 

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