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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject [shameless plug] Let's GetTogether
Date Sun, 14 Sep 2003 22:01:22 GMT
Cocoon and PHP are, AFAIK, the only ASF projects that have such a 
powerful community that they manage to organize their own events.

Last year, I was unfortunately not able to attend the GetTogether 
because it was held the same day of ApacheCON. This year, I will be 
very glad to attend and to introduce it.

Unlike other events that are done for profit, this event was done "by 
the community, for the community". Rethorics aside, this means that 
prices are kept low, crap is cut, no fancy yet useless gadgets for your 
money, we all get the meat and the fun.

I was very clear when I was offered to comment the Orixo operations: if 
this becomes marketing crap, I won't come. Needless to say, the reply 
voices were loud and clear: we do this to get people together and, 
yeah, get some visibility by doing it.

Which I think it's more than fair enough. So I accepted to help.

In '98, Brian Behlendorf invited me to speak at the first ApacheCON, 
but since they didn't have enough money, I had to spend around 800$ to 
fly in San Francisco to speak. Yeah, that's right: I paid my own 
expenses to be able to give a speach that others had to pay for.

I remember exactly the words that Brian used to convince me, right when 
my dad was yelling at me for being such an idiot to waste time, money, 
energy and resources for somebody else's profit.

He wrote to me: "consider it an investiment on yourself".

Like in many others things, he was definately right. That was, by far, 
the best investiment I could have done with that money. But not only in 
terms of money earned back, but also in terms of "knowledge, fun, 
visibility, respect, recognition, friendship, contacts, influence" and 
more, in no particular order.

We are a virtual community, but we are not virtual people. Real life 
events are incredibly useful to *improve* the communication abilities 
that happen virtually.

In fact, I found out that after meeting somebody in person, I 
understand that person better via email. Not only I can associate the 
face and the expressions, but I can also understand better what's 
between the lines.

This is not a conference, people, it's not a stupid and boring 
marketing event, it's a place where we are proud to have a speaker 
showing us (and making us hear!) the similarities between Bach fuges 
and Cocoon pipelines! I don't know *any* other community where such 
things happen.

It's a place where you can forget about reading all those tons of email 
messages about flowscript or Woody vs. XMLForm or Real Blocks and *get 
it* in an hour [in my introduction I will spend a good amount of time 
describing what real blocks will be, why they were introduced and what 
problems they can solve you]

Think how valuable that is. Think how much energy/time/money you can 
save by understanding all this *now* and follow the development, 
instead of reading it in a book two years from now.

If your company doesn't send you, well, damn, take a few days off and 
pay it yourself! You'll come to meet some friends, to have fun, to 
learn new stuff, to meat new people, to put faces on dry email 
messages, to get the apache spirit, to feel proud to be part of all 
this, to have something that goes beyound the technology.

No, nobody is paying me for writing this. I'm writing this because the 
more we are, the more fun we get and the more cocoon will grow and the 
more fun we can get in the future.

Think about it: it's all about investing in yourself.

And in case you do, go register, so others might know how many people 
will come and will join even more.

See you there.


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