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From Tony Collen <>
Subject Re: Forms + XUL
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2003 15:30:51 GMT
Sylvain Wallez wrote:


> Oh my, what a pain! Why don't you _teach_ this class?

Definately possible.  The teacher might not like being out of a job 
though %-)

>> What does the HTML that Woody produces looks like?  Will it validate?  
>> To what extent? 
> Validate ? Sure: it's simply a bunch of <div>, <span> with an associated

> CSS and a few lines of JavaScript !

Ahh, ok, my fears laid to rest.. must have faith! :)


> Poor guy, that has to learn PHP when he is a Cocoon committer :-(
> But playing with the Woody samples doesn't take so much time !

It's even worse, I have to learn PHP when I already know it! :)  I think 
  if I had known it was going to be a PHP class I would have probably 
not even taken it.  Ah well...

> Sylvain


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