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From Tony Collen <>
Subject Re: Forms + XUL
Date Mon, 29 Sep 2003 15:37:02 GMT
Sylvain Wallez wrote:


> You should check out the Woody samples ("Various" and "Flowscript" 
> pages) in the latest CVS : it includes tabbed forms, switching panels 
> with a popup to select the panel, etc. It's based on some high-level 
> grouping tags that automatically produce the needed HTML, CSS and 
> JavaScript stuff.

I must confess; I haven't played with Woody too much, but my "Internet Application Development"

class which I am taking definitely makes me miss being able to Just Use Cocoon :)  I feel
so dirty 
mixing HTML and PHP <? ?> code :(

What does the HTML that Woody produces looks like?  Will it validate?  To what extent?

> I also added yesterday server-side event handling features, and the 
> ability for a widget to trigger form submit. Checkout the carselector 
> sample (updated a few minutes ago) that demonstrates this, and also the 
> number panel in the "Various" page.
> It certainly doesn't provide the same user experience as Joerg's 
> impressive XUL application but, well... works on any browser ;-)
> Of course, we could also have stylesheets producing XUL for Woody forms. 
> Any taker ?

This would be a pretty neat demonstration of the flexibility of Woody, and Cocoon in general.
only problem I noticed when researching XUL is that all of the form validation is pretty much

client-side since it's mainly for being run under Mozilla.  There is very little functionality
the way of "submitting" a form to a remote server, but I did find that there is a Javascript

function you can call which posts XML to a remote server, so this might just be all we would
need to 
hook it into Cocoon.

Another thing that needs to be looked into are Woody Forms -> PDF Forms.  The newer versions
Acrobat allow the form data to be submitted to a remote server as XML.  I think it's called
Maybe I'm wrong.  Anyway, too much cool stuff, too little time :)



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