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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: Flowscript problem?
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2003 08:27:25 GMT
Reinhard Poetz wrote:

>>From: Christopher Oliver
>>Try your calculator example again:
>>This time enter values for both "a" and "b". Then clone the window, hit the back button
and enter a new value for "b". Return to the first window and submit it. You should see the
new value of "b" you set in the second window. This is the expected behavior.
>>I believe the reason your example did not work is that the page where you submit "a"
does not involve an existing continuation (it calls the top-level "calculator" function).
>Thanks Chris, now I understand: as long as I'm in the same function all variables are
shared. If I call the function again (this happens if you go back to the first page where
you have to enter A), local variables are only valid for this track.
>Sylvain described this behaviour very well
>"Forking can mention both scenarios. In the case of a new flow-interaction, there's no
sharing of local variables. In the middle of a flow scenario, variables declared before the
fork will have their values shared between continuations, while variables declared after will
have a different value in each branch. So yes, a local variable can be shared between several
continuation branches (fork within a flow scenario). If this is not liked (because of the
application specs), then new variables should be created between the different creation of
continuations (i.e. between calls to sendPageAndWait).

Wow, I forgot I wrote this. Thanks for digging the archives, Reinhard ;-)

I was also thinking about having ContinuationLocal variables that would 
mimic the behaviour of InheritableThreadLocal for continuations.

This would handle the use cases where a variable's value should not be 
shared between continuations : when the value is fetched, crawl up the 
continuation tree up to a point where a value exists, and when the value 
is set, attach it only to the forthcoming continuation (not to the 
latest one, as it may be the root of a continuation subtree).


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