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From Christopher Oliver <>
Subject Re: EJB + Cocoon, "Best Practices"
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2003 07:33:26 GMT

Also please look at the Flowscript samples in the core and in the Petstore block rather 
than in Woody. Other than for Woody, Flowscript should be stable, usable, and documented.



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I checked what I could find in terms of documentation and
code related to the Flow, certainly I am missing something
(is there is a document that clearly presents Flow from a
conceptual to a lower level?).

My objection is that so much emphasis has been made
in terms of using as much as possible the sitemap and
sitemap components, so applications are easily
maintainable, and all of a sudden I see this Flow
concept in which one really ends up burying the
page chaining info in Javascript.

Because that's what I see in the "form2xml.flow"
example: the invocation of "form2-display-pipeline"
and "form2-success-pipeline"
is hardcoded in the binding_example.js script.

That's totally the opposite of the sitemap concept.

I really don't know how this could be done, but
I would like to see that type of information
specified in some sort of pipeline too.

Sorry for my ignorance...


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From: "Geoff Howard" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, September 08, 2003 8:28 PM
Subject: Re: EJB + Cocoon, "Best Practices"

> Bastian Breithaupt wrote:
> > Hi!
> >
> > I would like to set up a Model2 application with Cocoon end EJBs. Cocoon
would be the presentation layer (also the controller layer?) and the
business logic would be represented by the EJBs. (?)
> Excellent - I have always thought this use needed more press.
> > Are there any "Best Practices" for Cocoon working with EJBs?
(suggestions, links, publications, documentation, ...)
> Unfortunately, precious little has been written about the subject.
> Those who have used Cocoon and EJBs have not written much about it.
> > I suppose, calling the EJB-API is done by Cocoon-Actions...? (for
example by using business delegation pattern)
> > When using flow scripts, does it make sense to use actions? (how mature
is flow script?)
> Usually you would not need to call actions and flow.  As you are
> designing from scratch, I'd recommend starting with flow.  If done
> right, your logic would be re-usable as an action should the need
> arise.  Conceptually flow will probably turn out to be pretty stable.
> The implementation is fairly new so using it may turn up unexpected
> issues.  The good news is that most developers are paying a lot of
> attention to it, so there may be quick turn-around on resolving whatever
> comes up.
> In the end, the flow is just supposed to glue together your business
> logic especially as it relates to page flow within your application.
> This may make its young age less important.
> > Any help, hint, link, ... is appreciated.
> No links that I'm aware of, but there are several people on list
> interested in writing up some examples of EJB and Cocoon who I'm sure
> would help you navigate the process.  Give a little info about your
> specific needs/questions and some useful info is bound to turn up.
> For starters, are your EJBs on a remote server from Cocoon?
> Geoff

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