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From Tony Collen <>
Subject Re: wsproxy and request parameters
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2003 17:55:31 GMT
Jeff Ramsdale wrote:
> I discovered that changing my search from "johnny depp" to "depp" returns a
> list of results. The problem, then, would seem to be the encoding of spaces
> in my request parameters. When I submit my search form it converts the space
> to a "+" in my browser. Examining the logs I see that they show " ", not "+"
> on my failed searches. As mentioned before, in my sitemap if I change
> "{request-param:actor}" to "johnny%20depp" I also get a list of results. So,
> how do I ensure that my web service request is being sent with "%20" instead
> of " " or "+"?


I've noticed this too, a while ago.... it is a little frustrating not being able to have it
the + to a %20... perhaps this type of encoding behavior needs to be added to the wsproxy.

Anybody else have thoughts?  What should the proper encoding of this be?


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