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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: encoding german http query parameters
Date Tue, 09 Sep 2003 14:46:04 GMT
I guess you build URLs using request parameters with German letters 
(something like <a href="test.html?myname=Jörg"/>). This URL is encoded 
using UTF-8, while you have your documents encoded in ISO-8859-1 (configured 
at the serializer).

If all these guesses are true you have different possibilities:

1. Replace the pure links by a form, the request params are now encoded with 
ISO-8859-1 too.

2. Change the serializer configuration to UTF-8 and set the form encoding 
either in the web.xml or using the SetCharacterEncodingAction to UTF-8 (now 
everything is handled as UTF-8).

3. The links are only for a specific group of matchers in the sitemap and 
it's enough to use the SetCharacterEncodingAction only for these links. It 
may not be a mixture of ISO-8859-1 forms and UTF-8 links.

If my guesses are not true or the above does not work, you must provide some 
more information. Especially a sentence like "when cocoon sends the request" 
is irritating.

There is also some information available at

Joerg wrote:
> I produce a webpage with links with German letters in the href
> attribute.
> The German letters are not encoded when cocoon sends the request.
> What shall I do to get this encoding, which is done for the normal text
> in the HTML-Page

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