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From "jcplerm" <>
Subject How to use "if" expressions with JX template transformer
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2003 16:37:10 GMT
I'm trying to use an "<if>" tag with the JX template transformer, but can't figure out
exactly the required syntax from what is explained on

I am able to access values of objects with expressions such as "#{getParameter($parameters,'contextPath')}"
but it's with tags like "<if>" that I am having problems.

I tried:

      <if test="#('1'='1')">#{getParameter($parameters,'contextPath')}</if>


      <t:if xmlns:t="" test="#('1'='1')">#{getParameter($parameters,'contextPath')}</t:if>


      <t:template xmlns:t="">
        <if test="#('1'='1')">#{getParameter($parameters,'contextPath')}</if>


      <t:template xmlns:t="">
       <t:if test="#('1'='1')">#{getParameter($parameters,'contextPath')}</t:if>

In the first and thrid cases the <if> tag is ignored by the JX transformer, and is simply
copied to the output.
The second and third examples produce on output at all.


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