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From "Steve Schwarz" <>
Subject Re: forced caching of volatile data
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2003 02:45:29 GMT
You might want to talk to your DBA about how your database handles caching. 
"Properly" tuned if all this SQL activity is really all selects (and all the 
same set of selects) the DBMS shouldn't even hit the disk - all the data 
will be in it's in memory caches. Of course query design dramatically 
impacts cacheablity too. You'll pay the data transfer and cocoon processing 
cost but it might be "trivial" depending on your queries/amount of data if 
it all stays in the dbms cache.

You may really want/need the transactional integrity provided by the dbms if 
you are combining queries (on possibly different caching intervals) in a 
client single response.

As Geoff implies the approach you mention could provide stale data for as 
long a 59.99999...secs depending on the frequency of insert/update/delete. 
Rigging up a load test with the real queries/db will  tell you if this is an 


>rufio wrote:
>>Hi all
>>Is there a way to enfoce an asumption that volatile data (eg. stored in
>>DB) changes once a specific interval?
>>Now if we have 100 requests/s SQLTransformer querys DB 100 times/s,
>>I'd like to set it up to query only once a, say minute and cache the
>To my knowledge there is no way to do this with the current SQLTransformer. 
>  You could extend the SQLTransformer to add caching support which would be 
>quite trivial to do if you are really content to use such a simple 
>algorithm as cache always for one minute.

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