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From "Sonny Sukumar" <>
Subject html serializer problem
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 22:04:04 GMT

Hi guys,

I'm using the HTML serializer to output an XHTML doc at the end of a 
pipeline, but it puts line breaks in the doc it outputs that cause IE to 
display the output incorrectly.

For example, the XHTML doc that goes into the HTML serializer has the 
following in it:

<tr><td valign="top"><img height="30" width="30" src="spacer.gif" 

but it's serialized like this:

<td valign="top">
<img height="30" width="30" src="myPic.gif" border="0"/>

Note that I've set indent="no" for the HTML serializer, but that doesn't fix 
this problem.  I really need to fix this to get it to display correctly in 
IE (the browser we care most about by far).

If we get the output to come without *ANY* whitespace between the tags, then 
that would be great.  Is there any way to do this??



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