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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: Few authentication questions
Date Fri, 15 Aug 2003 05:46:33 GMT
Sonny Sukumar wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Today is my first venture into the Cocoon authentication framework, and I
> got a little confused on some points:
> 1.) Are the sunShine components the same as those described in this doc?:
> They seem to be one and the same, yet all the names are different in that
> doc.  Does anybody know why?
They are the same. When the code was donated by s&n to Cocoon, they were
sunShine, sunRise etc. But the cocoon community decided that these names are
now well suited for Cocoon, so everything has been renamed to more
names, like session framework or authentication framework.-

> 2.) That doc also describes "session contexts", which I've never
> heard of or
> seen elsewhere.  Are such "contexts" entirely different than session
> attributes?
Now, a session context is an XML document stored in the session. With the
session transformer (see below) you can fetch xml data out of such a
context and store data in it.

> 3.) The doc furthermore has this line in it:
> <session:getxml context="authentication" path="/authentication/ID"/>
> So I assume <session:getxml ..../> is a logichsheet call, but
> I've only seen
> a logicsheet called xsp-session that provides an interface to a Session
> instance.  And I don't see any "getxml" element for that logicsheet.
This is not a logicsheet but a transformer, so you can use this transformer
in your cocoon pipeline to set/get data to/from a session context, like
the authentcation session context in the example above.


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