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From "Sonny Sukumar" <>
Subject Re: session-is-valid
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2003 05:21:04 GMT

1.) I tried changing it to <map:redirect-to uri="cocoon:/{../1}"/> (using 
the "uri" attribute instead of the "resource" attribute, and from what my 
browser is displaying on its status bar I'm pretty sure it's doing an HTTP 
redirect despite using the cocoon:/ protocol.

2.) Ok, I tried accessing http://localhost:8080/showProduct?productId=12345 
and that works (no infinite recursion for some reason...although it seems 
like there should be!), but if I change the product ID in that URI, then it 
still shows the page for product ID 12345.  For example, I try to access 
http://localhost:8080/showProduct?productId=99999 and it still shows the 
same page for product 12345.

I see the browser contact the server twice (indicating a redirect), and then 
the doc is unchanged.  How is the request parameter being handled when 
redirecting?  I'm confused.  The sitemap entry is now this:

      <map:match pattern="**">
        <map:act type="session-isvalid">
          <!-- A session exists for this user, so forward to requested URI. 
          <map:redirect-to uri="cocoon:/{../1}"/>

        <!-- No session exists for this user, so create one. -->
        <map:act type="create-session">
          <!-- Kill the session after 4 hours of complete inactivity. -->
          <map:parameter name="max-inactive-interval" value="14400"/>
        <map:act type="initialize-session"/>

3.) I haven't considered putting all my matchers inside my action because
    a.) I didn't even know it could be done. :-)
    b.) I have lots and lots of matchers, which leads me to another 
question: When is it best to define a new pipeline in which to put a new 
matcher?  One reason I thought of to isolate a matcher in its own pipeline 
is because each pipeline (IIUC) can only have one map:handle errors section. 
  What are other good reasons?

In any case, there must be some way to do this without HTTP redirects 
(unacceptably slow), without infinite recursion (of course), and without 
nesting every matcher for the entire site within the action.

I'm finding myself unexpectedly rethinking my sitemap, which I think is 
good, and I thank you for your help in doing so.


>Yes, you are right about the {../1}. Also, IIRC using the cocoon:/ protocol
>in the "uri" attribute means that a redirect doesnąt get sent to the
>browser. But, I suspect by using the "uri" redirect you will go back to 
>recursive state. IIUC The reason you don't get recursion now (and an error
>instead) is because by using <map:redirect-to resource="..."> you are
>redirecting to a resource (see
>and not the matchers. Because you have no resources defined (e.g. one 
>"cocoon:/showProduct") you get a resource not found error.
>Have you considered putting all your other matchers *inside* this action?
>Hope this helps,

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