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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: Products in the Build directory?
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2003 13:40:09 GMT

Le Mercredi, 27 aoû 2003, à 15:24 Europe/Zurich, Robert Simmons a écrit 

> In my continuing quest to understand the build system in order to use 
> it in
> a production project, I would like to know what exactly is placed in 
> the
> build/cocoon-2.1 directory. I dont see the batch file to run cocoon. I 
> dont
> know what I would do with this "build." Could someone please enlighten 
> me on
> what this "build" is and how one should use it?

You might want to read this thread, which led to the creation of the 
"standalone-demo" build target:

This explains why it would be unwise to create a deployment-ready setup 
from the incomplete version of Jetty that is found in the Cocoon CVS.

The standard build is meant to be run from the "" script for 
experimenting, production installations require you to configure Cocoon 
for your favorite web container. See "./ -projecthelp" for a 
description of other builds (like "build war" which is deployable).

> As a matter of fact it seems like cocoon is an academic project only 
> instead
> of a production one, especially with the removal of binary 
> distributions. Is
> it the intention of the cocoon developers to merely play with cocoon 
> and
> shelve it as a silly academic project?

Apart from the fact that such statements might make you unpopular here, 
I think I'm speaking for the team in saying that Cocoon is really 
targeted at developers, who are expected to be competent in deploying 
servlet-based applications.

There was a conscious decision not to go with turnkey deployments, as 
for any serious installation you need to think about which servlet 
container to use and learn enough about it to be able to properly tune 
and debug your setup.

   Bertrand Delacretaz
   independent consultant, Lausanne, Switzerland

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