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From Bill French <fre...@SIMS.Berkeley.EDU>
Subject mac os x/lucene indexing
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2003 22:53:28 GMT
hi all,

i've been working for a while trying to find the source of a nasty "too 
many open files" error when building lucene indexes using cocoon's 
LuceneIndexTransformer on mac os x.  just for kicks, i decided to try 
everything out on a linux machine and didn't have any problems, and 
realized that it was an OS-specific thing. after some googling, i 
discovered that "a java application can't have more than 256 files open 
at once on mac os x."

read more:

i'd be happy to make a note in the LuceneIndexTransformer wiki about 
this, if anyone else thinks it's worthwhile.

thank you all for your help.


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