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From "Cedric Picard" <>
Subject RE: jndi datasource lookup from cocoon 2.0.4 on weblogic 7
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 10:46:37 GMT
as far as I know, you do not need to provide "jdbc/" in the dbname tag
of the j2ee entry in cocoon.xconf (this is added automatically to the
JNDI name).
I am currently trying to do exactly the same with JBuilder/BES and
cocoon 2.0.3 and talking to Borland about how to set things up (our
problem is that we are currently using JDBC1.x datasources which are not
shared between JARs/WARs as far as I could see).
I guess the first thing is to find out if you are using JDBC1 or JDBC2
If you already are using JDBC2 datasources, then removing "jdbc/" in the
dbname tag *should* do the trick.
Otherwise, please bear with me, I'll post a message as soon as I get
this working with JDBC1 datasources (solution would appear to require a
Definitions ARchive, more to come).
Hope that helps,

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	From: Grange, John [] 
	Sent: 08 August 2003 11:29
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	Subject: FW: jndi datasource lookup from cocoon 2.0.4 on
weblogic 7

	Has anybody any thoughts on this one? 

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	From: Grange, John [] 
	Sent: 06 August 2003 09:01 
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	Subject: jndi datasource lookup from cocoon 2.0.4 on weblogic 7 

	I am trying to get the j2ee jndi datasource lookup working under
weblogic 7, without success.  My xsp page fails with a null pointer
exception in and produces a malformed xml document (no
closing tags)

	Has anybody else had this problem - if so, how have they
resolved it?  If this is not the correct list to report this to, can you
please let me know where to report it.

	It appears (looking in the excalibur code) that java:comp/env is
prepended to the jndi name when performing a lookup, this is not
required under weblogic, and as such fails if it is included.

	The following code DOES NOT work under WebLogic 
	InitialContext ctx = new InitialContext(); 
	Object obj =
	The following code DOES work under WebLogic 
	InitialContext ctx = new InitialContext(); 
	Object obj = ctx.lookup("myDataSourceName"); 
	My setup configuration is as follows: 
	                <j2ee name="reportDataSource"> 

	                Cocoon App 

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