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From Mark Leicester <>
Subject Making sweet music with Cocoon
Date Sun, 03 Aug 2003 12:41:30 GMT

I have just 'assembled' a Cocoon[1] generator for MIDI files. This component
takes a MIDI file as its source and then generates an XML representation of
the file in XMidi. XMidi was developed several years ago by Peter Loeb. I
was looking for an excuse to develop a Cocoon component and I stumbled
across his site[2] and his source code for converting MIDI into a DOM
representation. I converted his implementation to SAX. Peter's code seems to
have lain untouched for some time and is released under the MIT license[3].

My plans are to:
1. Implement a MIDI serializer (Peter Loeb's code includes an XMidi to MIDI
converter also) so that round trips are possible.
2. Create some XMidi to SVG transformers so that graphical (e.g. Western
musical notation, or Schenkerian analysis perhaps!) representations of MIDI
files can be rapidly generated.
3. Create some transformers to do some amusing musical transformations of
the XMidi, e.g. inversion, retrograde etc.

I realise that MIDI format provides very little presentation information
thus limiting the scope of my second aim, but this could well provide the
start of something that encompasses other XML formats for music (such as
NIFF XML, MusicML, or perhaps a new markup for music).

Does anyone else on the Cocoon list have an interest in wrestling with the
mismatch between markup and music?


Mark Leicester

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