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From "Ariane Ibig, Infonic AG" <>
Subject Repost: Error with esql and multiple results
Date Fri, 15 Aug 2003 13:27:51 GMT
I just upgraded my Coconn to Cocoon 2.1 and have a problem with the
generation of esql in my xsp-files.

Although I have the Multiple results set to yes, I only get the first
resultset from the database. If my xsp for example tries to acces the second
resultset there occurs a null exception.

Here the connection part of my xsp:

I looked through the xsp and database examples and was surprised to find,
that the schema in the database samples had no hint to the
allow-mutiple-results feature. Now I'm wondering if multiple results still
work in Cocoon 2.1.
What could I do to get it to work?
As I have to adjust something other people have written, it's quite
difficult for me to explain the settings, but I try:
Tomcat 4.0.3
Cocoon 2.1 (as said before)
Database of our own work, working with esql
Fins (for the charts)
I checked the logs, but there are no errors (except for null pointer
exception if you try to access other resultset).
I'm not sure if you need more information to help me, feel free to ask.
I really need to get this thing to work, so please help me.
Thanks Ariane

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