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From "Ariane Ibig, Infonic AG" <>
Subject Problem with svg to xml serializer
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 11:30:46 GMT
Hi all
I'm working with cocoon 2.1 and I added Fins to it to do some charts.
Fins works fine and gives some good charts, but when I try to serialize an
svg output of Fins to an xml output, I get an invalid output.

My sitemap looks like this:

the svgxml serializer
<map:serializer logger="sitemap.serializer.svgxml" mime-type="image/svg+xml"
name="svgxml" src="org.apache.cocoon.serialization.XMLSerializer">
	<doctype-public>-//W3C//DTD SVG 1.0//EN</doctype-public>
</map:serializer> (I also tried other parameters, but the error remains the

the pipeline:
<map:match name="wildcard" pattern="svg-*">
	<map:generate src="fins-samples/documents/charts/{1}.xml"/>
	<map:transform type="chart"/>
	<map:serialize type="svgxml"/>
<map:match name="wildcard" pattern="jpeg-*">
	<map:generate src="fins-samples/documents/charts/{1}.xml"/>
	<map:transform type="chart"/>
	<map:serialize type="svg2jpeg"/>

The second pipeline works and shows the chart, but the first pipeline
produces invalid xml code like:
< xmlns="" xmlns:chart=""
xmlns:xsi="" fill-opacity="1"
color-interpolation="auto" color-rendering="auto" text-rendering="auto"
stroke="black" stroke-linecap="square" width="300" stroke-miterlimit="10"
stroke-opacity="1" shape-rendering="auto" fill="black"
stroke-dasharray="none" font-weight="normal" stroke-width="1" height="250"
font-family="'Arial'" font-style="normal" stroke-linejoin="miter"
font-size="12" image-rendering="auto" stroke-dashoffset="0">
 < xmlns="" id="genericDefs"/>
 < xmlns="">
 < xmlns="" id="defs1">
 < xmlns="" clipPathUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
 < xmlns="" d="M0 0 L300 0 L300 250 L0 250 L0 0 Z"/>
 < xmlns="" clipPathUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
 < xmlns="" d="M-113.680419921875 -230.421875
L186.319580078125 -230.421875 L186.319580078125 19.578125 L-113.680419921875
19.578125 L-113.680419921875 -230.421875 Z"/>
 < xmlns="" clipPathUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
There is the namespace of Fins xmlns="" instead of the
right namespace tags. As the problem does not arise with the other
serializer, I assume, that the svg xml serializer is the problem.
The only suspicious entry I find in the logs is in the sitemap log:
[sitemap.serializer.html] (/cocoon/svg-minimal)
HttpProcessor[8080][4]/AbstractTextSerializer: Trax handler
org.apache.xalan.transformer.TransformerHandlerImpl handles correctly
I don't know if it is a normal debug info or it reports an unclearity.
Are there any parameter changes, that will help? Or is it something else, I
have not thought of?
Thank's for all help

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