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From "Verwer, Nico" <>
Subject Offline Cocoon and link translation
Date Fri, 15 Aug 2003 12:48:48 GMT
I am using Cocoon 2.0.4 from the command-line to generate single documents (no links are followed):

  java -Xmx256m -Xss2048k \
     -cp $CLASSPATH \
     org.apache.cocoon.Main \
       -c $HOME/cocoon.war \
       -C $HOME/cocoon.war/WEB-INF/cocoon.xconf \
       -k $HOME/cocoon.war/WEB-INF/logkit.xconf \
       -u INFO \
       -r no \

This works fine, but when I request one URL, the pipeline for this URL is executed three times!
I can see this by including an action component which writes to a log file.
When I request a profile as well, in the profiling output there are two <pipeline> elements
for the original URL, one with count="2" and one with count="1" (which again suggests that
the pipeline is executed three times). The pipeline with count="1" has an extra <element>
with role="<translator>" added right before the serializer.
>From the discussions on various mailing lists, I have concluded that the <translator>
is a link-translator component, which is automatically inserted to enable Cocoon to find and
generate linked pages. But since I have not asked for this (-r no), I wonder why the pipeline
is executed *three* times? When I request the URL through the servlet, the pipeline is executed
once, as expected.

My question is: Why is the pipeline executed three times (and not twice or just once)? Is
it possible to bypass this behaviour and execute it only once, from the command-line?
We are using cocoon for some CPU-heavy offline transformations, and executing the pipeline
once or three times makes a lot of difference.

Thanks for considering this question, and for any answers!

Nico Verwer
Kluwer, the Netherlands.

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