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From "Matthieu" <>
Subject Re: configuring sitemap location
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2003 20:12:57 GMT
some solutions that might work.
1) For the principal sitemap, use simlink, ex: your sitemap is in
/work/cocoon/sitemap.xmap and the sitemap.xmap in .../webapp/cocoon2/sitemap.xmap is a link
to that file.

2) For the submap the src parameter can take absolute path 
  <map:match pattern="*/**">
     <map:mount uri-prefix="{1}" src="/work/cocoon/{1}/" check-reload="yes"/>
This kind of thing should work.

3) If the base directory is changing for every environnements you've got
few solutions: 
   *use global variables that you change at hand when you "move" your
sitemap from environnement to environnement
   *use a very global sitemap that contains nearly nothing apart the global
variable for the current environnement and include/mount the top sitemap
that do the real job (but which became location free ...) 
   *use a small xslt transformation to replace the developpement value when
you migrate your sitemap from environnement to environnement (sandbox,
integration,live sites ...) because sitemap is just xml and you should be
able to do this with 1 catch nearly everthing template and one to change
the value ..., if you use CVS to manage your code it might be possible to
do this automaticly when you cvs update the code ...
    *same tricks but with shell scripts (sed,awk) and environnements 
    *If your master sitemap doesn't change often you can create a template
(wich contains generic name like !OUR_WORK_HOME! as variable) and
instantion fileS which instanciate the  variable at the differents values
depending on environnements sitemap you want to regenerate.

4) For data (input xml file), xlst and many things src path car be absolute
, and i'm sure that it works (i do this for my own cocoon site).

On August 20, 6:18 pm Tim Olson <> wrote:
> we want to deploy our sitemaps and xsl's to a location outside the
> servlet container's deploy directory* and this location is different in
> production and development.  we can set the sitemap path in cocoon.xconf
> but do we then have to maintain a different cocoon.xconf file for each
> deployment configuration?  :(
> also, since subsitemap paths are relative to the webapp context, not the
> current sitemap's directory, we would also have to maintain multiple root
> sitemaps to point to the correct absolute path to our subsitemaps and
> xsl's.
> is there any way to parameterize the sitemap root with a system property
> or something?

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