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From Neil <>
Subject Re: I want Dynamic transforms, can someone help me?
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 23:06:49 GMT
I have determined that the generator is not capable of setting pipeline 
parameters and that actions are the way to go.
I believe that things will work if the action can come after the generator. 
The generator will query the backend server for a xml reponse and the 
action will ask the backend with a followup query to determine the proper 
transform. So again I will test.

At 02:32 PM 8/8/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>Thanks for the advice but the solution you are suggesting is effectively 
>one large xslt transform and we are trying to get away from that so that 
>errors in one xslt, the kind that do not compile,  do not cause the others 
>to become inoperative.  David Kavanagh had something that is closer to 
>what we need.
>I need to do some testing but I think that the generator we are using 
>could do a sax parse on the response from the back end server before it 
>finishes and returns the response to the rest of the pipeline. It need 
>only extract the appropriate information from the response and set a 
>sitemap parameter. The later down the pipe a map:select could be used to 
>select the appropriate xslt transform.
>We may have potentially hundreds of separate transforms to deal with and 
>many people working on them so you can understand why separation is 
>important. It keeps any transform in question small during the 
>transformation step and development is smoother.
>I am working on testing this theory as we speak. If any one has any more 
>suggestions please feel free to share them with me, for my idea may not 
>work the way I think it will.
>At 03:39 PM 8/8/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>>For the comments below I am assuming you are talking about
>>applying different XSLT stylesheets, not custom transformers
>>written in Java.
>>It may be that you solve this "purely" in the XSLT realm, not by necessarily
>>turning the different transformations into separate pipeline components.
>>Just have a stylesheet that includes  a series of other stylesheets,
>>and then use a "<xsl:choose>" to invoke a different template based
>>on your criteria: a named template (by means of <xsl:call-template ...>) or
>>matched (by means of <xsl:apply-templates ...).
>>This way you only have to update XSLT stylesheets, and not touch
>>the pipeline itself.
>>You may have one pipeline transformer building an intermediate
>>XML content with the isolated/computed selection criterium,
>>and then the next pipeline transformer actually invokes/applies
>>the right XSLT template based on the selection criterium
>>as described above.
>>With Cocoon and XSLT you can definitely go in many different ways.
>>This is just an idea...
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>>From: "Neil" <>
>>To: <>
>>Sent: Friday, August 08, 2003 2:08 PM
>>Subject: I want Dynamic transforms, can someone help me?
>> > I work for a company that has a web service. I do development for that web
>> > service.
>> >
>> > We have currently run into a stumbling block. We are using cocoon on our
>> > web server and when a user requests a page it is dynamically generated by
>> > our backend server as xml. We want the web server to use a different
>> > transform depending on the value of a single tag in the xml or a directive
>> > in the xml. We also want these transforms to be separate so that if there
>> > is an error in one the rest are still functional, aka not to compile them
>> > into one big transform. We also want cocoon to keep as many of these
>> > transforms precompiled and in memory as demand seems fit.
>> >
>> > Does anyone have any ideas?
>> >
>> > The pipeline seems to only allow for either always using the same
>> > or selecting one based on a request parameter but we need it to select
>> > based on a response value.
>> >
>> > We are using a custom generator to send a request to the backend server
>> > receive a response to pass down the pipeline.
>> >
>> > I would appreciate anyone's help.
>> >
>> >
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